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Rosalinda asked us in spanish : "are you going to go whale watching ?"when we said :" si "her face lightened up ...Then she asked us :"Do you know that whales near the shore are believedto be humans who were transformed and now they trying tocommunicate with their previous human families ashore.Also humans near the shore can be transformed whales..When people travelled out to the inter-islands,especially in bad weather mainly in the monthsof October, November, December and part of January,these whales will guard them as they paddlefrom one island to another and another."At this moment we started to think about "The Bridge To Nowhere"maybe it was a "Giant Whale" letting people walk safelyfrom one island to another and another."( at least from Cayo Linares to Cayo Vigia ).Hmmmmm ... this was a fascinating story she was telling us......We asked her : " is this something from a bookfor little children ?   "."Oh  no, no, no " she said."this is the story about my Grandfather, whodisappeared one day and we are unable to find him.Maybe you can help me to locate him.He can be a transformed whale, or a re-transformed human..We agreed to do everything in our power to help her,we asked her : "to give us some clues, or somethingto help us to identify him.".She gave us a little whistle and told us :"when you blow it, only my Grandfather will hear itand he will respond to your magic signal.".when we were parting she said :" I know you will find himand when you will , let him know that I will be well."("que yo sea bien" in spanish using the subjunctive).She was gone, it was not a dream , we had the whistle ....we  looked at it, we were blowing it , but there was no soundthat we could hear ?

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  1. lmichorowski
    lmichorowski (26.01.2012 20:26)
    Nice story, but why do yo write it in English? And I wish you put some more pictures here.